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Schatten im Paradies

In the first season of this crime show Jo Rammlinger is the new "godfather" of Lake Constance and pulls the strings with his henchmen Karel and Igor. They blackmail, kidnap and attack people or steal valuable objects from the rich or companies that are not adequately protected. As Jo continues to expand his illegal businesses, he starts to put confidence in a new young employee, Tim Karl (Constantin Cascante), who continues to make a name for himself in Jo Rammlinger's organization.

However, the police and the private investigator Mike Marek are on his trail and are getting closer to an arrest. The conflicts are exacerbated by private feuds between Jo Rammlinger and his adversary Turi von Rickenbach and Mike Marek and his sneaky ex-girlfriend Joy Haffa.

The TV show's first season was released on local TV channels in Germany and Switzerland as well as on Amazon at the start of 2021.

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