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Tayo - The Little Bus


Tayo the little bus is about a little bus called “Tayo” and his close friends. It is about exciting adventures that happen in the metropolitan city where different vehicles live in harmony with one another. Tayo is just starting to learn his route in this busy city center. On his journey, he is constantly surrounded and supported by amazing friends of fellow buses, construction vehicles, kids - like his best friend „Duri” (voiced by Constantin Cascante – like two other characters in the series) and his classmates - as well as police and firemen. Tayo, who starts as a little unexperienced bus, embarks on a journey full of unique characters and fun story lines that capture children's imaginations. There are new adventures ahead every single day from being a superhero for a day with Duri, visiting a haunted house with the construction crew all the way to even adopting a little puppy for Duri to keep as his pet. 

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